Friday, 13 January 2012


I haven’t blogged in ages, so I thought it is about time I posted something as a bit of a catch up. I could make excuses about being busy at work, Christmas and various other things preventing me blog. But I think nearer to the truth is that I met someone a while ago (they do seem to take up all your time, these men creatures don’t they?). I just told him tonight that I blogged and that I am going to do it again and mention him. So, there you go Mick (@DangerM1ck), consider yourself mentioned.

Mick has been on the fringes of my life for years, he knows my brother and as we have got to know each other more we have realised he knows a lot of people I do, our paths may have crossed numerous times (it is complicated). Funny how things happen. We chatted a little at a party months ago and then added each other on facebook. Since then we chatted online about Edinburgh Fringe (he hasn’t been yet) and my love of comedy amongst various other things and then he joined me at a Dave Gorman gig… and you can guess the rest.

So, we have been going out 3 months and have decided to move in together. More accurately, he is moving into my house. I’m well aware that some people would think that 3 months is a bit soon, but to be honest I don’t care. I don’t see him much now as he lives miles away and works 12 hour shifts, then he has his children two nights a week. We want to see each other more than once a week, we are both in our 30s so we are taking the plunge. We have nothing to lose.

I kind of glossed over the kids thing there, didn’t I? People who know me will be aware that although I quite like kids (I have loads of nieces and nephews and godchildren), I don’t have any urgent plans to spawn one. But it seems I have inherited some regular contact with a couple of them. Surprisingly, it is not as terrifying as I thought it would be. They are cool kids, one of them even likes zombies as much as I do. We are awesome. So for now I get part time kids in my life, a good practice run for if I do ever get hit by that broody feeling I reckon, and then I can still be a drunk idiot chatting on twitter the rest of the time or trek around the country to see stupid comedy shows.

But the one thing that got to me in the last few days was, as it always is, was a little thing. I have realised that this time is not like when I have lived with idiot boyfriends before… things go wrong and you cry and get drunk for a couple of weeks, brush yourself off and start again. This time is different, I have had to make some changes… well one little pathetic change. I had to take down my comedy wall! Yes my comedy wall is no more.

Ok, I know it was just a load of posters and flyers on my spare room wall, but I didn’t realise until I was taking it down how attached to it I was. There was a tear in my eye, A TEAR! I packed away the last three years of comedy fun times into a neat little box and put them under the bed. It was like saying goodbye to that part of my life. I have been single a long time and occupied myself by meeting various tweeters and seeing a shit load of comedy and then sticking reminders of it up on the wall. Now I am going to be doing “couples stuff” and maybe even “family stuff”, I am becoming a proper grown up!

Ok, it isn’t as dramatic as that. I have already booked to go to Edinburgh Fringe this year and Mick is coming with me. We have booked a couple of comedy gigs together locally too and of course I can still go on my comedy travels and meet up with tweeters and good friends. Mick can either come with me or leave me to it, he certainly would never ask me to stop, it is what I do (he does want to come and meet everyone and was jealous of my recent trips to see Uncaged Monkeys and 9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People). The beginning of a relationship is not going to mean the end of my independence, just a few tweaks and adjustments. Plus this year the Olympics mean I won’t get as many London fun times anyway as the price of everything will rocket and then it will be even more full of tourists to get in my way, not that appealing to me.

Change is a good thing… now that I have calmed down after putting all of the junk I had collected into a box, and my house looks much more tidy (ready for the destruction when the kids are here!). I am excited about Mick moving in and the comedy fun times we will have together. We even have the same taste in cheesy rock (and other good music), so I am sure we will have lots of adventures this year. So there you go, I am happy, now you know.

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  1. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. xx